The freshest shrimp in Baton Rouge!

Best Boilers Seafood Products

Our seafood line up is incredible! We carry a large array of fresh, live, or frozen seafood. Of course, we are a catering company so a lot of our products are not kept in stock but can be ordered. Just give us a call, leave an email, or face book us and we will get back to you ASAP.


Crawfish/Crabs (seasonal)

  • Live or boiled-small-med-large-select

Shrimp (year round)

  • Fresh or frozen
  • With/Without Head/small-med-large-jumbo

Fresh Seafood

  • Farm raised catfish
  • Oysters/pints ½ gal and gallon
  • Louisiana Crawfish Tails (seasonal)

Boiled Meat

  • Turkey Necks, case
  • Neck Bones, case
  • Pork chops, case
  • Whole Boiled Cajun Turkey (Thanksgiving only)

Frozen Seafood

  • Louisiana crawfish tails
  • Imported crawfish tails
  • Claw crabmeat (fingers)
  • All lump crabmeat
  • Wild & farm raised catfish
  • Soft shelled crabs
  • Gumbo crabs (seasonal)
  • Tilapia filets or whole
  • Redfish filets or whole
  • Turtle meat, per lb
  • Gator meat, per lb
  • Frog legs-per lb
  • Dungeness crab, lb or case
  • Snow Crabs, lb or case
  • Lobster tails, lb only

Our Cajun Turkey

Best Boilers is presenting the 1st ever whole boiled Cajun turkey! We have been boiling whole turkeys in Baton Rouge, LA for years. The 1st thing folks say is “A whole boiled turkey? - I’ve never heard of that!!” WE KNOW- LOL! We’re the 1st to bring it to you! Our Cajun Turkeys can be purchased for Thanksgiving. These turkeys are boiled in our Best Boilers Blend, so yes there is a spicy kick but they are full of flavor. Once you have contacted us by phone, email, or face book to place your order the turkey must be paid in full. The cost of the turkey is $50 which includes delivery. There is a $20 non refundable deposit on all turkey orders. You may place your Cajun Turkey orders beginning in September. Break out of the tradition and give our WHOLE BOILED CAJUN TURKEY a try - we guarantee you will love it!

Cornbread Dressing

  • Pans of seafood cornbread dressing can be purchased for $40 (feeds 7-12)

Other Desserts

  • sweet potato pie
  • pecan pie and
  • creamy cheese cake

Notice: Prices subject to change without notice.